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QDI Global Solutions

About Us

QDi Global: Enhancing the customer experience

With offices in Atlanta, GA and Research Triangle (RDU) Durham, NC, we are positioned to enhance your reach in major markets. As the interactive mid-point between your business and the consumer, we specialize in platform development, marketing, and technology consultation.


We understand the internet a global marketplace. Our goal is to design a sustainable solution, so that we help you to create a revenue generating ecosystem for your business. 


We research and use the latest technology trends to provide your customer with the ultimate experience. We also partner with tech companies around the world that share the same methodology.


We work hard to curate your vision by staying true to our strategic processes. Our workflows are all designed with our endgame in mind: enhancing the customer experience.


Client Profile: The TST Network

Our streaming multimedia client, The TST Network, is located in Atlanta, GA and is a leader in producing original streaming content. The TST Network offers it’s clients a variety of ways to advertise on it’s platform that targets the African-American consumer market. Click the play button below to check out some of the content offerings from The TST Network, streaming globally 24/7.

Company Portfolio

Using the latest technology, we engineer projects and use current trends to meet cutting edge with practicality. We marry innovation with the creative to form a strategic plan in pushing our clients forward with the demands of their project needs.   We also partner with our network of developers to ensure that high end projects are filtered through the necessary channels in order to create the most positive project outcomes.


At QDI Global LLC, we specialize in enhancing the user experience. Specifically  we develop WordPress platforms and have experience in designing by using the most popular development tools. We also provide IT consulting services and have developed content for virtual classroom courses, TV/Film, and digital media. Some of our clients have included public school systems, higher ed, along with clients in the public and private sector. 

The Team

Our core team has over 30 years of combined experience in developing rich media, multimedia and web technology. We have procured over 1 million dollars in successful projects, and we have over 82, 677 hours in project experience. We partner with developers across the world to provide the most innovative and enhanced experience for our clients with the #1 goal of providing excellent customer service.

Derek Cooper/Sr. Consultant

Derek Cooper brings his creative toolkit, along with his professional experience and technical acumen to the boardroom as our Sr. Consultant at QDI Global. Derek has worked as a professional for over 20 years, and has experience in almost every professional environment, including military, K-12, higher-ed, and both the public and private sectors.  Derek has also operated successfully as a Project Manager, Creative Director and Consultant throughout his career and continues to excel as a writer, multimedia developer and author. 

Duane Davis/Sr. Developer

With over 10 years of experience in Front End Development and UX/UI Duane has established himself as a Sr. Developer. Throughout his career, Duane has served on development teams at fortune 500 companies such as ADP, Southern Company, and Home Depot.  Duane also provided online marketing services to former President Obama during his run for US Senate.  Duane also has a passion for automobiles, and spends time servicing motorcycles and other vehicles as a member of his motorsports team.

Contact Us


PO Box 14111

Durham, NC 27703


(404) 787-9901
(404) 731-5502

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