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In its inception, Afro-Momma NFT’s represents the diverse culture of black women, their talents, their sexuality, and sensuality, in order to magnify her position as an international symbol of beauty. It is my perspective that Afro-Momma is the archetypal prototype of style, sexuality, and spirituality; she radiates all of these attributes on a cosmic level.  So in designing these digital pieces, I wanted to paint the cosmic essence of her nature into the fabric of these landscapes. 

Celebrating the Afro Momma in all her eclectic sensuality.

Hand crafted and human designedAfro Momma NFTz


These art pieces represent the launch of a larger collection of collectable artwork from Afro Momma NFTs. I envision collectors will utilize the artwork as decor for their metaverse spaces including VR, digital real estate, web/online gaming, and even AI. (Think taking the original piece and adapting it to an AI persona, a la Weird Science!)  This artwork can also be a sultry addition to physical spaces such as entertainment rooms, bars/restaurants, lounges and billboards. 


Some of you might ask, what is an Afro-Momma?  To me, the artist, an Afro-Momma is a galactic queen, lady of seduction, the mysterious wonder of the universe. She comes in all shapes and hues of the African woman offering, one of the Most High’s most beautiful creations. Taking a look at the Black woman and all her iterations in retrospect, all of the brilliant minds, talents, influences, freedom fighters and  throughout this American society, I felt compelled to celebrate her. This series of NFT’s, the first of its kind and exclusively designed, is meant to exist as the art for your various landscapes and platforms. From your home wall, to your condo in the metaverse, ownership of these NFT’s mean you can share a piece of this rare design series. These pieces were carefully crafted by human design, and blended with an array of digital tools, effects, pallets, and other tricks that I use in my design toolkit. 




Pencil Sketch/Trace

Import to Digital (Digitization)

Digital Color/Texture

Lighting effects

Color effects


Afro Momma (noun) – A galactic queen, lady of seduction, the mysterious wonder of the universe.

Use Cases

Wall Decor

Poster and Print

Metaverse Bilboard

Metaverse Decor

Man-cave/Woman-cave Decor

Collect all the fractionalized tokens for more ownership!

Trade tokens and earn!

Much Much More…


A Word From the Designer


I felt now is the time for this series, as the age of AI is on us. This series represents for me the possibility of existing as an artist in the final days of original human design in digital mixed media.

I must admit, the things AI and DALL-E can do are incredible. Therefore, I see my offerings as rare cultural artifacts because of the human design element, workflows in which I created this series, and the inspiration from which this work came from. —

From CoopD., Designer and Architect of Afro Momma NFTz. 




The OG Collection: Est. April 2024

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